Hair Extension FAQ's

Great Lengths Hair Extensions-Frequently Asked Questions


Will they damage my hair?

Great Lengths hair extensions are scientifically proven to not damage your own hair when applied and cared for correctly. Great Lengths specialists must be a minimum of Level 3 qualified in hair before they will be accepted and then undergo specialist training to ensure only the best extension application is carried out.

How do I choose what type of extensions to have?

Great Lengths offer both individual keratin bonds and the Tape method. Both offer their own advantages but with an in-depth consultation we can discuss what better suits your lifestyle, hair ‘needs’ and ultimate end goal.

How long will they last?

Each method has its own lifespan. The tapes will require maintenance every 6-8 weeks where the extensions will be removed and reapplied and hair can last up to 4 applications with the correct aftercare.

The bonds are a more permanent alternative and with the correct homecare can last up to 6months where they are then removed in salon and can be donated to The Little Princess Trust Fund. (As can the tapes!)

Will they look natural?

Great Lengths offer over 60 colours to ensure a completely natural blend. We will always discuss colour options with you during a consultation but generally the colour is matched to your existing hair colour ensuring a natural blend. On top of this, hair is double drawn, (the same thickness from root to tip) Remy, (the individuals hairs all day in their natural root-to-tip form-without this tangling is a danger!) and are 100% human hair. (See below for more information.)

Can I wash and style them as normal?

As Great Lengths are 100% human hair they are pretty robust. However, to get the most out of them and keep them looking natural you will need to use a recommended shampoo, conditioner and brush. It’s recommended you wear your extensions loosely tied back for bed and for the hair to be brushed 2-3 times daily. Styling can be carried out as normal although backcombing the root area is strongly advised against and heated tools should be kept away from the bonds/tape area. It’s also advised that once weekly individual bonds are separated with your fingers.


How long do they take to put in?

With the tapes, on average we book out 2 hours. In this time we will wash your own hair with the Great Lengths products and then blowdry, fit the extensions, cut them and then style.

Individual bonds can differ depending on the amount of extensions fitted along with the technique. The less bonds applied, the less amount of time but on average extensions in this method tend to be upwards of 3 hours including prior blowdry, fitting, cutting and styling.

Are they human hair and where do they come from?

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are 100% human hair. It’s not widely realised that legally extension companies can advertise as human hair as long as they contain the specified percentage. This means that ‘human hair extensions’ very often contain a large amount of synthetic hair and have even been found to contain animal hair. Great Lengths are the only U.K. company to source and produce every single strand of hair that goes into their extensions meaning each set is entirely traceable to its original source. This hair originates from the Hindu Indian temple Tirumala where families willingly give their hair as a thanksgiving. This hair is then sold to Great Lengths who have an employee based out in India full time to ensure that this money is put back directly into the community to pay for education, medical aid and other crucial infrastructure.

How much do they cost?

Each set of extensions are tailored to each individual head of hair and are determined by your own hair density and type along with your desired end goal. We like to be as transparent with our pricing as possible so our clients can understand exactly what they’re paying for. This means that our extensions are quoted in a two-step way. The cost of the hair plus the cost of application. Our tapes are a set price of £100 to put in with the hair then ontop, whereas the bonds are charged by the hour and this differs with the amount put in. The cost of the hair simply is impossible to quote without a face to face consultation as this depends entirely on the application method, the colour type, (flowstrands aka. root blend/balayage can cost more) amount of hair needed and the length used. This will all be discussed during an in-depth cost free consultation.