Let's Talk Winter Hair

It’s a funny time of year isn’t it? There’s so much to look forward to with the Christmas party season just around the corner and yet there’s so much left to do and the dark nights and grey skies get you feeling like a duvet day is always the right choice. We’re all on countdown to the festive holidays whilst dodging the lurgy and on top of this our hair has given up the ghost and just isn’t playing ball.

Basically we all need a little TLC around about now and this includes our hair-this time of year it takes a total battering. We’re constantly in and out of the dry air caused by central heating (let’s not talk about the blowers on max for the morning commute in the car) and then out into the cold, damp atmosphere. It’s just a recipe for a frizzy mess so here’s a few tips to keep those luscious locks glamorous even in the dreary weather.

1.       Hydration, hydration, hydration.

Who of us up’s the anti on our skin care regime when the cold weather arrives and we turn into scaly reptilians? Like a cosy Dementor, central heating seems to suck the moisture straight out of skin and hair alike (Potter fans, you hear me) but if you’re honest have you ever considered switching up your hair products for something a little more hydrating? Adding a conditioning mask to your weekly routine can help to revitalise your hair and it’s definitely worth investing in a professional quality hair oil. Insight’s Hair Repair Complex is an absolute must in my winter SOS kit and ticks so many boxes. Its organic ingredients are great for protecting split ends, moisturising and strengthening the hair and there’s even added heat protection.

2.       The superhero of hair.

And whilst we’re talking heat protection, let’s actually talk heat protection! If there’s just one professional product you absolutely need to invest in, it’s this. Regular clients of mine, I know you’ve heard the lecture 100 times before but it cannot be told enough and I’m here to spread the word. Most professional styling tools sit at around 185 degrees (I’ve seen high street straighteners that reach 240!)….YOU CAN COOK A ROAST CHICKEN ON THOSE TEMPERATURES PEOPLE! I mean don’t get me wrong, my hair photos on Instagram would be nothing without my trusty Cloud 9 curling wand and straighteners but imagine getting a pan out of the oven with no protective gloves on. Think of your poor skin! Heat defence is the hairs oven glove and trust me, you will undoubtedly notice a difference in the condition with its protection-not just in winter but all year round.

3.       Pulling out the Big Guns.

I’m hoping you’ve all seen my Olaplex posts on our social media pages. I just cannot express just how much I love my Olaplex. There is not a single head of hair that walks through Black Sheep H.C’s doors that would not benefit from this restructuring treatment and although there’s never a bad time to try it, there’s also never a better time. Olaplex is not a conditioning treatment. Olaplex is a restructuring treatment. It permanently rebuilds damaged disulphide bonds within the hair that break down due to chemical treatments, heat use (heat defence people…its key!) and even sunlight exposure. By artificially rebuilding these bonds, Olaplex strengthens and restores your hair and although it works great within any colouring service, it can also be used as a standalone treatment. It’s also vegan friendly, free from parabens, silicones and sulphates and none of the ingredients nor the finished products are tested on animals. Yup….it’s pretty much a miracle maker for us hairstylists!

4.       If all else fails.

Although not for everyone, it’s a good time of year to step away from the bleach. I personally try to use the winter months to tone down my blonde and give my hair a rest. With the balayage trend still big, I find adding a few babylights breaks up the natural root area enough for me to go longer between top-ups, giving my hair time to recover.

All little things but they can seriously make a difference.                             

Before I sign off, as we’re on the subject of winter hair, we have a little festive info for you all. Our Insight Christmas gift sets are launching this week and with Black Friday here too, we’ll be having some great offers on so if you’re considering trying that hair TLC we’ve talked about then definitely keep an eye out for the deals-who said we can’t treat ourselves?! And maybe leave the car at home for your December appointment with us….there’s Gin, Prosecco and Baileys waiting in the salon kitchen and there’s no way we can polish it off until the split ends of Peterborough are trimmed in time for Santa.

Thanks for reading!

Chloe x

Chloe Mills