Numero Uno

If you didn’t see it, our recent little Instagram poll gave us a 100% result in favour of a Black Sheep Hair Company blog and we are ALL about keeping the people happy so here it is…blog post Numero Uno.

It makes sense to use this first one to introduce myself, the salon, what we do, who we do it with and what we’re all about. (I should probably also point out that blogging is a new addition to the list of things I ‘do’ so please bear with me….I haven’t written anything creative since GCSE English so we’re going to be winging it for a little while.)

Anyway, I’m Chloe, the voice behind the keyboard, Instagram and Facebook page (if you’re not already following us firstly, why the  heck not?! Secondly, go do it now!) and the co-owner of Black Sheep Hair Company.  Myself and my business partner James opened up our Peterborough hair salon on Fletton High Street back in April and now 7 months in, we haven’t looked back. James works in the products side of the industry and so between us I like to think we make a good team.

Me? Well I’ve worked in hairdressing for the past 10 years and before venturing out with Black Sheep H.C, I was based around the corner in Woodston. I’ve been a Great Lengths hair extension specialist since 2011 and am completely passionate about colouring and all things hair. If I’m not at the salon I can more often than not be found pouring through Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for the latest trends and techniques because a girls gotta’ know! (insert sassy red dress lady emoji)

For us, the salon had to tie into how we think. The name, the style, our social media. The décor is simple in a modern way with a raw, organic and slightly industrial feel because we want our work to do the talking and stand out to people. And standing out is where our name comes from-we wanted something quirky that would hopefully catch people’s attention. We’re on a mission to be as much of an eco-conscious salon as possible and the companies we work with, we work with for a reason.

Great Lengths is an ethically moral, high quality company that put out only the best hair (in our opinion) whilst delivering exactly what our clients want and need. AND their extensions are scientifically proven to cause no damage to your hair when applied and cared for correctly.

The same can also be said for Insight, our styling and hair-care brand. They’re an Italian company who’s main ethos is incredibly eco friendly. After looking around at different ‘green’ brands (and using a lot at home myself) Insight was the only one to tick all of the boxes. It’s environmentally friendly with recycled and fully recyclable packaging, is free of many of the nasty chemicals found in a lot of other hair product ranges and won’t require a mortgage to restock when you eventually run out-honestly, they seem to last forever! Everything they do is for a reason whilst delivering a fantastic product that does what it says on the tin (Not an actual tin, just a metaphorical tin.)

Our team consists of our Apprentice Tameesha and Saturday Girl Jaz who can both be seen buzzing around the salon floor and helping out. On the stylist front there’s me, part-time stylist Chloe C (some will know her as ‘big’ Chloe…simply because I’m 4 foot nothing and well, she’s not. I definitely got the better end of the deal with ‘little’ Chloe) and our newest member of the Black Sheep family, Hayley, who is also a Great Lengths specialist and comes highly trained in colouring. And that’s our herd so far. (See what I did there??) Between us we’re eager to build a brand known for our passion, creativity and fashion forward work so keep your eyes peeled. We’ve got big plans for our little salon!

But in the mean time be sure to let us know what you want to hear in our future blog.

Thanks for reading!

Chloe x

Chloe Mills