Let’s talk R&R


Rest and relaxation. Let’s be honest about this…every single one of us reading this needs a bit more of those two little words. Some of us have busy work lives, some of us have busy home lives, some of us have busy minds. And some of us have all of the above.

Some of us escape through the scrolling of social media, some of us pick up a book or head to the gym and many of us find it sat in the salon chair. (Or so I’ve been told but that may be down to my ‘great chat’ ~insert winking emoji here please~)

Recently I read an article in an industry favourites magazine that mentioned the rise of ‘Quiet Chairs’ in salons. Just like the option of ‘smoking or non smoking seats’ in restaurants of days gone by, or the quiet carriage on a train, booking Quiet Chairs whilst getting your roots topped up is becoming a popular option for many. And I love the concept!

Most of my clients know me and my mouth and how we love to run off together but many of you who have sat in my chair will be used to my catchphrase of ‘Please don’t be offended if I go quiet here’. Once I reach a concentration point I’m commonly known to go mute but there’s many a person that will sit in my chair and ask if I mind if they ‘send a few work emails/reply to a message/complete their online food shop/flick through Instagram’ And I say this-do what you’ve got to do!! This is your time and however you choose to spend it is down to you.


But it’s not just that. I’m well aware that not everyone is comfortable with non-stop conversation. Heck, I’m a regular at the self service checkouts just in an attempt to not have to make human contact. (Don’t pretend like you don’t do the same!!) But in all seriousness, the salon environment can be a daunting place for a lot of people and we do not want to be daunting. We want to be excepting. We want to be welcoming. So if you want to offload about what a terrible week it’s been, sit with your head in a magazine, bring your work laptop and hook up to the WiFi or simply just sit and ‘be’ it’s all fine. This IS your time and how you spend it IS down to you.

Whilst we’re all here together and talking about ‘down time’, things on social media at Black Sheep H.C. may have quietened down of late but we’re as busy as ever behind the scenes and so we’d just like to drop a little reminder that response times can take up to 2 working days. Life’s been a little crazy lately but we are back at it and ready to post our little hearts out so prepare for an assault of beautiful hair and beautiful clients.

Thank you as always for all the support you’ve given to me and Black Sheep H.C over the past 16 months. You da best and I love you all!!

Chloe x

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